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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides protection of the personal data of all UK and EU citizens and replaces previous Data Protection legislation as of May 2018. Definitions and descriptions of the GDPR can be found using the links to Resources below.

We collect information during your sessions on our websites for a number of reasons but if you are not actually logged in to one of our sites then the information relates only to the "session" that you are in and will not include any personal data. We do not collect information on behalf of other organisations or directly from other organisations.

If you email us on contact details for any of these domains then we may keep a copy of your email for the sole purpose of responding and allowing us to follow up on any further communication, so any information included in your email will be saved on our email server.
No information is collected and no cookies are set by this website. No information is saved by, or sent to, third parties. The site is secure (https). IP addresses of accessing browsers are currently stored in the web server access and error logs.
The site is run using PHP and so a small session cookie is saved to enable efficient searching and operation. If you have not logged in to the system then no personal information is saved in cookies or directly or indirectly. The site is secure (https). NOTE: this site uses the anonymised version of Google Analytics. IP addresses of accessing browsers are currently stored in the web server access and error logs.
  • Mailing list: If you join our mailing list then your email address is saved at our mailer which is operated by Active Campaign. An unsubscribe link is provided on all emails. Unsubscribed emails are stored at Active Campaign. Click-throughs and email opening events are recorded at Active Campaign.
  • Postings: You can register on UKTW in order to post and edit your own notices and links on the User Notices and User Links pages. The only required information for registration is an email address and password though additional, optional, fields are provided in the "Personal Information" section which you can read and edit - this information is not displayed on-line. Information posted in the text of the Links and Notices is displayed on-line and the content is user specified, any information provided in this area is stored in our database and displayed on our website. This information is not processed or used by us in any way, it is simply for logging back in to the system.
  • TellMe: You can create a "TellMe" notification attached to any tour, show, venue or listing. We store the interest (which item) and email address only and it is used simply to send out the notifications in the event of change. A "delete this notification" link is provided in the emails.
  • Listings: If you have appeared in, or are associated with, a production then your name may appear in our listings and our listings archive. No information other than your name and role in the production are stored (no attempt is made to de-duplicate names). As the production information is public (derived from press and promotional materials) this use constitutes "archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific research historical research or statistical purposes" and as such is exempt from some of the GDPR's action requirements.
  • Tickets: We do not record any personal information when you click through to tickets unless you happened to be logged in to our system at the time. Only the IP address and Session ID are saved. Your interaction with any ticketing company to whom you have clicked through is managed by them under their Privacy Policies. We do not receive any personal information back.
  • Google: We use Google Analytics for traffic monitoring. We use Google's DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and Adsense for advert delivery.
  • Social: The Social "follow" and "like" buttons, and the "other recommended content" block are provided by AddThis.
Social Media
Our Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts are standard and comply with their Privacy Practices.
IP Addresses
From April 2018 our internal website systems no longer save readable IP addresses for logging or any other purposes.

Our Websites and Domains

Dynamic Listing Ltd also operate; The following sites and domains have been operated by Dynamic Listing in the past but are either no longer operational or no longer publicly accessible;
  • ScriptCircle
  • Seatchoice
  • List Team (list-team.com)
  • NewsOnStage
  • Arts Archive
  • qtix.info
  • Web BoxOffice
  • West-end-theatre.london
  • UTRS.list-team.com

Some Definitions

Definitions and descriptions of the GDPR can be found using the links to Resources below.

IP Address
The numeric address of your connection to our system. Although many users will connect via dynamic IP addresses that change regularly, it has been determined that the IP address of a connection does form "personal data" even though the chances of being able to resolve the information are remote.
A period of interaction with a website - normally expires after 20 minutes of inactivity unless you have asked the site to "remember you".
A small file stored on your computer that the server can read to "remember" information about your use of the system, e.g. log-in status, recent searches etc. Unless you have explicitly logged in to the website the information will not include any other personal details.
Log Files
All web-based access to files under any of our domain names are logged by the server together with the IP address and browser type of the requesting user. These details are in the server log file and are collected to allow load, traffic and abuse information to be obtained. No other information is stored and no other processing is performed on this data.
We use Google analytics to track usage of our websites. For some Wordpress-based websites we also use Jetpack analytics.
Advertising on our sites is provided via Google's Adsense and Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) services, some adverts are provided by Affiliate Window and Amazon.
Affiliate Sales
Affiliate sales are provided via Affiliate Window and, if you click through to buy scripts, music or tickets then by affiliate services at the supplier; Amazon, JustPark, Trainline, StagePlays, Encore, ATG Tickets, Ticketmaster, Theatre Tickets Direct, London Theatre Direct, The Ticket Factory, Quay Tickets, See Tickets, Superbreak, TicketSource, Seatwave, GetMeIn and WeGotTickets.

Your Rights

You have the right to find out what personal information we are holding about you and the right to have that information "forgotten" (erased).

You can request either of these actions by contacting the Data Controller, however, that will require you to prove that you either are the person in question or are acting as their authorised agent.

The onus of that proof actually lies with you, the Data Controller is not required to seek further information in order to prove your identity (Art. 15-22) and in the event that your identity cannot be proved then the Data Controller is exempt from taking these actions (Art. 11, 12(2)).

Our Obligations

Our obligations include collecting only such data as is required by our business, processing and using that data only in ways that are required, being transparent about what is stored and how it is processed, protecting all stored personal data, reporting any breaches into, or thefts of, that data to the relevant authorities and those affected and responding to information and removal requests as appropriate.


Personal information is not held in plain text, csv, word, pdf or excel files on our systems.


Databases are held on-line on a virtual private server at Heart Internet. Databases use mySQL.


Backups are held only as required on servers at Heart Internet.

Information Request

You have the right to request a report on what information we are storing about you and what the uses of that information are. To request such information, please contact the Data Controller (see notes under "Your Rights"). We are obliged to respond within one month of receiving an authorised request.

The Right to be Forgotten

If we are storing personal information about you then you have the right to be forgotten by our websites. Entries which fall into this category will include anything with an associated email address, physical address or personal information such as date of birth from which an individual may be identified.

Note that Information relating to your appearance in, or association with, a show or event in our database would not normally be considered "personal information" as it originally appeared in the public domain and falls into the GDPR exception of "archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific research, historical research or statistical purposes". Our information is gathered from promotional materials for shows and does not relate to personal information (such as gender, date of birth, address etc.). Indeed, as Equity rules on names do not apply in general, the use of a name such as "John Smith" could apply to any number of people as we do not tag the names with further information.

None the less, the right exists and will be honoured where appropriatee - we will require proof, as for personal information, that you have the authority to request the removal.

Who to Contact

The Data Controller is Dynamic Listing Ltd and their Data Protection Officer is Robert Iles who can be contacted by email: robert@dynamiclisting.com


GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (effective May 2018)

Information from the ICO

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